About Sympl App

Sympl Foods: What & Why?

Sympl is a digital grocery store that sells Indian grocery products and delivers them to your doorsteps. But it’s more than just convenience. We are here to change your grocery experience for the better.

  • Better products/quality
    • Curated brands: A Handpicked selection of organic, certified, ethnic brands and products.
    • Healthy options: Choice of millets, an ancient grain, washed lentils, cold pressed oil.
    • You + your community = Products that you want: Have a product that’s unique to your cuisine? Suggest it to us. We’ll go to the world’s end to make it available.
  • Better experience/convenience
    • Buy less, buy fresh: With the 4 deliveries included in the monthly membership, buy weekly; and buy only what you need.
    • Hassle-free returns: No questions asked. We take pride in the products we sell.
  • Better for your wallet
    • A very low minimum order All orders worth $15 and above are delivered absolutely free of cost
    • Invite your friends/family and earn up to $15 per successful invitee
    • All of the above and more at same-store or lower prices

Where is Sympl available?

Sympl is a digital store and can be downloaded from Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

We are now operational in New Jersey and are present in the following localities:

07726 (Englishtown), 07728 (Freehold), 07746 (Marlboro Township), o7751 (Morganville), 07763 (Tennent), 08501 (Allentown), 08502 (Belle Mead), 08512 (Cranbury), 08520 (Hightstown), 08528 (Kingston), 08534 (Pennington), 08535 (Millstone Township), 08536 (Plainsboro), 08540, 08541, 08542, 08543, 08544 (Princeton), 08550 (Princeton Junction), 08555 (Roosevelt), 08558 (Skillman), 08561 (Windsor), 08648 (Lawrenceville), 08690 (Hamilton), 08691 (Robinsville), 08810 (Dayton), 08816 (East Brunswick), 08823 (Franklin Park), 08824 (Kendall Park), 08828 (Helmetta), 08831 (Monroe Township), 08850 (Milltown), 08852 (Monmouth Junction), 08884 (Spotswood), 08902 (North Brunswick).

Not in your locality yet? We are rapidly expanding and hope to be there soon! Leave your email and zipcode with us (support@symplfoods.com), and we will be there sooner.

How does Sympl Work?

To start using Sympl and to avail exclusive discounts and fresh Indian groceries, you would need to register with us as a Sympl Unstore member.

For now, this is invite only.

  • If you receive an invite, use the corresponding referral code to sign up as a Sympl unstore member
  • Refer your friends/neighbors into the club and earn $15 in store credits for each successful referral (after they sign up with us) if they are in the same neighborhood; if they are not, you still get to earn $10.
  • Get your products delivered to your door steps
  • Get free produce worth $10 with your first order!
  • Same day delivery if the order comes in before 11:00 am
  • All orders above $15 in value are delivered free of any shipping charges; for orders less than $15, a fee of $3 is charged for delivery


What products do you sell at Sympl?

Sympl offers a curated line of Indian groceries including a large selection of organic brands. We source the freshest rice, pulses, spices, millets, teas and coffee. Our fresh line of organic Indian groceries and ready-to-eats will be launched soon.

Why do I see no package options?

Sympl is unlike other retail stores that try to sell more to you by pushing large package sizes. As consumers, you end up converting your kitchen into a storeroom. Sympl is here to change this.

Buy small, buy less; Buy often and buy fresh. We provide you optimal package sizes that help you plan and cook fresh and healthy. And our prices are never higher for smaller packs.

I don’t see a product I need. What do I do?

Please search for the product using the search bar. If you still cannot find one, please let us know by shooting an email to support@symplfoods.com. We will add it to our catalogue soon.

What if I want to return a product?

We have a “No Hassles” return policy. If you are not happy with your product, you can request a return via the app. We will initiate the return and refund your money back to you as store credit.

Go to Return Orders->Click on the product you want to return on the order list-> Choose the reason you want to return and click submit.

How do I contact customer service?

Let us know via an email to support@symplfoods.com  OR

Go to Menu->Contact Support and connect with us by clicking the Whatsapp icon.


I don't have an invite. How do I get one?

To receive an invite, you have a couple of options.

(1) Download the app and request for an invite (you will find an option to do so); we are presently giving away limited number of invites and will send you one if they are available at the time.

(2) Request for an invite from one of your friends or someone you know who already is a Sympl member. You stand to earn $10 in store credits as a successful invitee (with the option of also earning $15 for any future invites that *you* might send out).

What are the benefits of a membership?

Sympl Club Membership gains you access to:

  • All our high quality grocery products.
  • Exclusive discounts and better than store prices for all your daily grocery needs
  • Same day delivery for all orders placed before 11:00 am or you get to choose a convenient delivery day. Sympl is operations 6 days a week.
  • Earn through invites program. Invite friends/neighbors and earn $15 for a successful invite if they are in the same neighborhood; $10 otherwise

Do I need a credit card to buy on the Sympl app?

Sympl Club Membership is a subscription service and hence requires a credit card. We will notify you when your card is charged. We are very serious about data security and use only premium payment providers to store and secure your credit card related data.

Can I have multiple accounts or devices?

You can create only one account per primary phone number. However, you can install and access the app from multiple mobile devices.

How do I cancel my membership?

Existing members can cancel their membership any time by visiting the profile page. Click on the ‘Cancel Membership’ button. Your membership will be valid till the end of the current billing period/month and will not be auto-renewed thereafter.


What is the minimum order value?

We have a very low minimum order value of $15. All orders equal to or above $15 are delivered free of charge. Any order less than $15 would attract a delivery charge of $3.

Can I cancel or modify my order before the delivery date?

  • Absolutely. You can make changes to your order until midnight of the day prior to your delivery date.

How do you ensure freshness if I choose a later delivery date (say, one that is 3 days off)?

The time we pick and pack your products for delivery is dependent on your chosen delivery date/time and *not* on the date of you placing the order. No matter what your chosen date/time, we guarantee that you will receive fresh products.

When can I expect my delivery?

Sympl’s vision is to encourage consumers to buy fresh and buy less.

All orders placed before 11 AM can pick a slot in the same day or any one of the next 5 calendar days. You get to select.

We are opening with one delivery slot:

4.00 to 7.00 PM

and are currently operational 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. We will soon be operational all 7 days and have more delivery slots open.

Technical Support

Can I use the app without registration?

While the app can be downloaded and browsed by everyone, orders can be placed only after you have registered through an invite.

Why can’t I seem to register even with an invite?

  • Currently, only users in the following zip codes in New Jersey can register and place an order.
  • 07726 (Englishtown), 07763 (Tennent), 08831 (Monroe Township), 07728 (Freehold), 08535 (Millstone Township), 07746 (Marlboro), 07710 (Adelphia), 08510 (Millstone) Township, 08555 (Roosevelt), 08828 (Helmetta), 07751 (Morganville), 08884, (Spotswood), 08520 (Hightstown), 08512 (Cranbury), 08810 (Dayton), 08561 (Windsor), 08536 (Plainsboro), 07731 (Howell), 08852 (Monmouth Junction), 08550 (Princeton Junction), 08824 (Kendall Park), 08823 (Franklin Park), 08528 (Kingston), 08544, 08542, 08540 (Princeton), 08648 (Lawrence Township), 08534 (Pennington).
  • We are expanding fast and hope to be in your locality soon. If we are not in your area yet, please leave your email and zip code here. More the interest in an area, sooner we get there.

What if forget my username/PIN?

You can regenerate a new one anytime. Use the “Forgot Password” option to generate a new pin. You will receive an email on your registered email-ID. Follow instructions. If you haven’t received the mail, be sure to check the “Spam” or “Junk” folder in your email client. If you still don’t find it, please get it touch with us at support@symplfoods.com

How do I change my credit card info on the file?

You need to first delete your existing card information and replace it with the new one. We do not support an edit option (coming soon) for your card info yet.

You can delete your card information and add in the new card information either during checkout OR go to Menu->My Account->Your Payment Methods.

How do I change account settings?

Go to Menu->Settings

How and why do I have to verify me Email Id?

This is an additional layer of security and tell us you are the owner of the registered mail ID.

Go to Menu->My Profile to verify.

Why do I have to give my Food Preferences?

We want to make your Sympl app as personal to you as possible. Choosing “Food Preferences” helps us make better recommendations to you so you can have a better shopping experience.

How do I enable multi language support?

Go to Menu->Settings->Your Secondary Language