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Our Weekly visit to an Indian grocery store is an essential ritual for most of us. The Indian grocery chains leave much to be desired in terms of service, quality and choices, with its dated grocery stock and lack of innovations for the past 40 so years. The one question that remained; don’t we deserve better?

Sympl is an effort to change for better the grocery options, quality, service and experience.

Products: Sympl sources quality products, both organic and regular, from certified and accredited vendors. This means better quality and consistency for you. We stay away from cheap low quality private labels that impacts quality of food you cook or your familiesā€™ health. Sympl endeavors to make Organic and quality products cheaper.

We source beyond just regular products. Testament to that is our Healthy range of products that includes millets, cold pressed oil, Palm jaggery and many more.

Quality: We go to great lengths to maintain quality. We only source the best products from certified vendors. Every product is checked for damage and dates. Every fresh produceĀ is in the cooler until shipment increasing shelf life.

The warehouse is maintained to the highest standards. Pest controlled, no products on the floor, no spills, no mess… Clean store/warehouse means safer food on plate for each of us!

Cost: Today, despite our high cost of procurement, our prices are still cheaper or at par with stores thanks to our warehouse model that cuts our retail costs and helps pass the benefits to you. And as we scale we will save more on procurement and pass the savings on to you.


Secure Convenience: Sympl is beyond just convenience. We believe in Secure Convenience. That means, No third party. Sympl employs a Sympl team member and Sympl van to safely and securely transport the items. Not just that, every trip is a Trusted Trip. How?

Sympl employs a Mobile driver app to allow secure access to our employees to navigate. Every trip is tracked, ensuring your safety and employee safety.


We are always striving hard to provide you as a consumer better products and experience at better prices. We truly believe “You Deserve Better”!

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